Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Psychiatry : 6 Sept - 15 Oct 2010

I know I should have written my Psychiatry entry earlier, but I was occupied after the examination, then it is only now- two months post rotation, that it could be completed.

So let me start this with a ':)'.

I never liked Psychiatry. I always had problems to enjoy Psychiatry. 6 weeks rotation of Psychiatry did not change much of how and what I see the world of Psychiatry. But there is one thing for sure that I noticed in me- I can tolerate Psychiatry now, as part of Medicine.

Amongst all experiences by the bed side, I just hated it that it took me my weekend- Saturday and Sunday, to be on ward chasing after patients just to get their history completed. But I hate it most to have patients who eventually refused, especially when I come to the hospital just to see them on weekend, after we made appointment earlier on.

Thank God, only 3 histories are required for presentation. And that counts for our assessment, apart from the OSCE exam, the MCQ and a reflective essay. Thats it.

Having completed the task, but without knowing our results yet, I would say that our MCQ, and OSCE were not fair. I feel that it was at the MRCPsych standard.

But alas, thats how it went...

So no more Psychiatry after this.

And this make me ':)' again.

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