Friday, 3 September 2010

Summer 2010

The summer is ending. I am going back to Dublin tomorrow.

I had a lovely summer this year. And I am going to bring the memory back to Dublin too.

Good bye Malaysia...see you again next year.

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  1. Salam my dear, so happy to get to catch up with you in person not too long ago. And yes, so happy for you getting nearer to be a Mrs soon. I'm doing my GP at the moment in Wanganui, which is such a gorgeous place but I'm the only intern here and it sucks to be honest not having a close friend like you with me to share the beauty of this small town. It'll only be another nine days and I'll be back in Wellington again woohoo can't wait!
    Oh btw I like your ':)' re: psych
    kekekekeke oh dear God..hmm
    Alright Syude, all the best with the remaining moths k, so thrilled/scared thinking that we're going to be doctors soon fuh~ Pray for me with my remaining exams too please.. May Allah make exams/working environment easy & tolerable for us, ameen~
    HUGS saya sayang kamu!