Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Obstetrics & Gynaecology : 18 Oct - 26 Nov 2010

Once upon a time, few days before Halloween...

a gang of groovy medical students were chilling out...with a help, and idea originally from their lovely student coordinator.

They acted and presented a case of a helpless pregnant lady who gave birth to a cat! And make the nice lady consultant, Dr. Kennelly laughed. Because it was 'trick or treat' time ;)

In memory of the National Maternity Hospital in 'Horror' Street.

Among all the 4 sub-specialties, I am most grateful to have completed this module. I have always been comfortable and look forward for Obs & Gynae. Not only that it is a medicine sub-specialty that only deal with women, but also because it covers both medical and surgical part. And I always thought that pregnancy is a beautiful mystery itself.

There is one thing will be well remembered by all. Only those who had experience with him- Prof-u-know-who, could understand the anxious, the stress, the dismay, the tears...

I just don't understand why people choose to be difficult with their students (and other sub-coordinates too). What attitude could we have as privilege to our Professorial standard that distinguish us from others?? NONE!

As a consequences, I never heard any of my classmates who wants to become an Obstetrics & Gynecologist. And if this persists throughout years in UCD medical students generation, Ireland could suffer from lack of Obstetrics & Gynecologist in the future, at the end of the spectrum.

But I still appreciate these people. He is my teacher. He is a great teacher. He wants us to be good doctors. I know all that. Otherwise if they he isn't, he would never meet us in the first place.

Even though the 6 weeks journey was tough, but it did not make me hesitate. If things go accordingly throughout my career time, if there's a chance, I will happily consider to make it into this line.

And now, slowly I fold all the memories in a corner in my little heart. No matter thick or thin, my fellow classmates and I will color our days cheerfully, and this is for sure... :)

Indeed, God is great...thank you Allah.

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