Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Dinner Last Night

From left: Ezzah, Sis Lorraine, Sofia, Intan, Layla, Naeema, Nafisah, Khairiah, and me.
(Picture of April '08, at Sis Lorraine's house)

I had a dinner invitation at Sis Lorraine's house last night. There were Khairiah, the Scuffin twin sisters- Fiona (Aisya) and Caron (Amna), Sis Lorraine and myself. The gathering was meaningful to me. Each of them has their own stories. Discussion of motherhood, children, future, hope, marriage, and da'wah filled our night.

Sis Lorraine, Fiona, and Caron are Irish who just reverted into Islam. Yet they always amaze me with the iman they have, in facing all trials and tribulation in life. I totally agree with Fiona when she said, 'Chatting with Sis Lorraine will increase your iman'. And so do I feel with both of the Scuffin sisters. Caron is already married and has her cute little Ahmad, and Fiona is getting married next week in London. While Sis Lorraine raises her four daughters as Muslims since Layla was born twenty years ago, and had braught them all to the mosque ever since they were young, even though she only embraced Islam about six years ago. As for Khairiah, she has her own story too that we shared last night. After all, I am not intending to share them here.

'Do men imagine that they will be left (at ease), because they say, We believe, and not will be tested with affliction? Lo, We tested those who were before you, thus Allah knoweth those who are sincere, and knoweth those who feign.'

[Al-Ankabut: 2-3]

I take this as a tazkirah for my self, and for my beloved sisters. Amidst all things that come in as tribulation in our life, we as Muslim must never forget that we have Allah as our rabb, to whom we only ask, and seek help and guidance from. And only in His rememberance, we will find sakinah.

May Allah sends His endless blessings to my sisters, Amen.


  1. alhamdulilah kak shud! thanks for sharing. really miss sis lorraine, fiona, caron and the other wonderful sisters there!

    please send my salam to them. love to have another dinner with chit chat. its hard to have those things here huhuhuhu. take care!

  2. Salam, feel like a celb lol.... thanks sis for including me in blog n nice comments.... Fiona is smiling.....

  3. I am sure they miss you too Intan :)

    Not always we got that celeb limelight.. Well, not at all Aisya ;)