Friday, 7 August 2009

I Am Occupied

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent.

It has been quite long since I last updated my entry. Not that I did not have stories to share, nor I was out in some rural isolated area. But because of the chance and free time are no longer on my side...they are gradually swerving away.

My last week in Sungai Buloh Hospital was great. Besides nice doctors, the procedures and ambulance ride were awesome. My colleague said, the riding was a ‘halal’ way to speed...and race! And we enjoyed it so much (sounds bad, huh? Haha).

My foster family. From left: Wan Farah, Baba and baby Aidil, Mak Cik Jah, Tok, and me.

Then the IMAM’s UK Eire’s Baling Relief Mission (BRM) from 22-26 July 2000 in the week after. After much of toil and turmoil on planning this project since last March, it turned up to be a very successful and a memorable one. Praises be to God, the crew was so dedicated, the villagers were so co-operative, and the event went smooth. For a close up, you can visit our website here:

After I left Baling, I went to Kulim for 3 days and 3 nights. My annual visit to Kulim was as fantastic as always. My Pak Ngah from Baling served me with lots of ‘dokong’ fruit...and oh I love it soo much! As a true fruit eater, I can go on savouring fruits the whole day...for few days haha. Not to forget, my cool Mak Ngah baked ‘Hari Raya’ cookies for me, so I can bring them back to Dublin for the upcoming Raya...even though I refused because I was afraid of the excess ‘kilos’ for my luggage later on huhu. The three kids- Ana, Anis and Amy were funny and naughty as always. I intrinsically do feel so blessed for having lovely extended families...thank you Allah.

My second cousins. From left: Ana, Amy, Anis

The return journey, from Kedah-KL was great. Even though it rained in some places and there were traffic jams due to check points handled by the police to arrest drivers who got caught with speed traps.

As for now, I just left with my other few stuff, my swimming lesson and my preparation to go back to college again. I am also happy for Kak Asriah as she just got her housemanship in Sungai Buloh Hospital...which I hope I could join her in the future...which I don’t know.

Two weeks left before I leave this land.

Oh God, I don't want this summer to end...

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