Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My 4th Home Come Back

After a 28 hours journey from Dublin, I am finally home! Today is my day 10 in Malaysia after I reached KLIA last Sunday night. The feeling is always good to be at home, even though I sometimes feel 'drowned', shifting from very busy exam weeks when I was in Dublin, to days of a 'school-holidayer'...where you have ample time to do ample things. I guess I just need to do something extra, I need to activate my self again, and I look forward to do my elective in Sungai Buloh Hospital next week.

Within these 10 days, many things happened. The government does away with 30% bumi equity requirement, the Iraqi celebrates the fall back of the US troop, and all the news rolling in, but nothing can challenge the big news that stuns the world on last Friday- the death of the world's greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson. I myself am a fan, but not a fanatic one. His appearance on stage never failed to catch people's eyes, and his personal story was always interesting.

Mr. MJ, for me, you are a true entertainer.


  1. sayangku sayer rindu kamu *cries*
    lepak Msia smp biler Suhada?

  2. Babe!

    August lah this more September huhu.
    There is an 'adventure' thingy this summer...wished you are here too :(