Friday, 15 January 2010

Surgery B 2010

Group F2, SVUH

Breast Endocrine : 4-8 January 2010

General : 11-15 January 2010 (Wexford General Hospital)

Cardiothoracic : 18-22 January 2010

Plastic Reconstuction : 25-29 January 2010

Hepatobiliary : 1-5 February 2010

Trauma & Orthopaedics : 8-12 February 2010

This is our schedule for Surgery B term. I just finished my 2nd week in Wexford General Hospital. It was relax because many patients cancelled their surgery due to bad sombre wintery weather in Wexford. It was quiet because the team I had was not a great one. It was dull because apparently I just knew that the weird SHO had a big fight with the lovely intern early in the week. Now it makes sense why I could hardly see them smile and talk to each other. And the registrar seems incompetence at some point.

The intern is just in her second week with the team, and she has another ten long weeks left. With no friends around, in such a small and isolated hospital, and your teammates are just as bad as the weather, I would never be happy as Michelle does now.

Hmm. I think I just had a weird team there, and thank God I am now back in St Vincent University Hospital.

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