Sunday, 19 April 2009

Tullamore: Week 2

As I am now heading back to Tullamore, I am making my fingers dance on my lappy whilst enjoying the panoramic view of the Irish’s farms and ranches along the way, savouring the irresistible HB’s My Swirl. Alas, two weeks down, and one more to go.

There were only three people in Dr. Amir’s team last week- Hassan, me, and Gillian, a new S.H.O. who was doing her three days locum in Tullamore. She is currently practicing in New Zealand, and now is back in Ireland for a short while.

My curiosity rose as I heard Gil telling her life and career pathway. So I asked her more. Regarding her planning and aspiration for consultancy, nonchalantly with a delightful tone she stated ‘Well I don’t mind if I take it long...I’m not in rush, you now. I really enjoy working in New Zealand. I can go to the beach in summer, go for skiing in winter, travel around the country, and do whatever I want.’ ... and she does this alone and single, on her own.

Ok. So she is one of those type- Irish who do the travelling across the globe, and in the same time working to live. And among those who take it easy. Never really have a plan for her future. Although she seemed simple, there are lots of good value that I could observe from her. Among them are...

1. Communicative and patient-centred styles are among the significant ones. Because I could barely see this from most of my permanent supervisors who are none-Ireland-graduated, here.

2. Friendly and easy going. She joined me in the staff cafeteria for lunch, instead of disappearing into some door with the lunch tray as some of the doctors do.

3. Sister-liked. Despite the chatting, Gil would throw questions to me, and if I don’t give the answers that she wanted, she would lead me to it until finally I grab the key.

To Gil, I wish you good luck and all the best for your future undertaking! Thanks for being a great two-day-friend!


  1. I see the word New Zealand eeeep XD
    Darling I don't think blh blk this winter, need to focus/study/do OSCE practice for the big end of yr exam which I really really really want to pass in first attempt - doakan sayer Suhada ^-^
    but I'll call you ok and we'll chat like there's no tomorrow lol, selamat berclinical!

    With l♥ve from Wellington,

  2. My dear friend Eba,

    Good luck with everything there!
    You have what it takes, InsyaAllah..
    trust me! :)