Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tullamore: Dr. Taffe

Today is my second day in Tullamore Hospital. Yesterday I was alone as my partner, Ronan has not yet arrived from Dublin. We are supposed to be under Dr. Amir, but he is not in Tullamore at the moment, so we are passed to Dr. Taffe, a retired consultant who is turning up for three days for his locum.

His appearance is just like his patients'. Of course, in those ages...what do we expect, right? Both walk slowly and gently. The only difference is that he is fit and healthy, just a little slow and gentle.

Dr. Taffe would take the chance to teach me while waiting for his patients during his clinical hours. After clinical session, we would do ward rounding with him and his team, Dr. Rick and Dr. Hassan. I noticed the nurses and other staff would recognized him and they were happy to see him again. When visiting the patients by their bed sides, Dr. Taffe would sometimes ask and tell us regarding their illnesses and condition. Despite his 'retired' status, he is still efficient and smart in doing his job. His friendly and fatherly character makes me comfortable, albeit the fact that I am the only girl in the group (where such a situation would always make me feel awkward), and very new to hospital attachment.

Having experienced a good one like this makes me feel excited and enthusiastic about shadowing a doctor. I admire the way Dr. Taffe presents himself to everyone around him.

At the end of the day, I said to myself...'Nak jadi macam Dr. Taffe!'

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